Isn't There Another Jane Eyre Musical?










Yes. In fact, there have been at least five other (successful) musical versions of Jane Eyre since the 1960s! (And the 60s version was a revival of an earlier production.)

Of course, Suzannah and I were not aware of this when we began working on
Jane Eyre, The Musical Classic. (And I know a myriad of obscure shows. Certainly, I thought, if one of my all–time favorite novels had been turned into a musical, I would know about it! But it wasn’t so.)

Yet, rather than set aside our work, Suzannah and I plunged ourselves fully into finishing
Jane Eyre, The Musical Classic. We both feel passionate about the story, and we believe that other musical versions of Jane leave something to be desired. While only time will tell if our production will be the definitive one, we feel strongly that what we are doing is worthwhile, and that Jane Eyre fans will leave our production inspired—and singing.


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