Jane Eyre, the musical classic

adapted from the novel by Charlotte Bronte

Music by Suzannah Doyle
Book & Lyrics by Kristina Harris





9 women
6-9 men
10-14 girls
(but could be done with as few as 5-10 girls)

Premiere production used revolve, but could be done with a simple unit set, or a black box

Two-act musical


* Piano/Vocal score
* Orchestration for piano, clarinet: trumpet, trombone, bass, and flute.
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Unless a large chorus is desired, this is an ensemble play. All roles except Jane, Edward Rochester, and Mrs. Fairfax may be doubled for chorus.

Appropriate for professional, collegiate, or amateur performers.

Perusal Script and piano vocal score upon request
* Demo CD also available

Kristina Harris at


Public Reading 03/01

Invitation-Only Reading 02/02

Premiere Production 12/03
The Cottage Theatre,
Cottage Grove, Oregon



Based upon the beloved novel by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is an orphan—penniless and plain, but full of passion and courage. When she meets her employer, Mr. Edward Rochester, the two become enmeshed in an intense relationship. But Rochester has a secret—a secret that threatens his love affair with Jane and jeopardizes her very life. Set in the 1830s-40s. Accents are not required.



* JANE EYRE: The poor, plain, but head-strong governess of Adele. Must appear to be in her early 20s on the stage.

* MRS. REED: A severe woman in her 40s-50s.

* BESSIE: The Reed's kind hearted Irish nursemaid.

MISS SCRATCHERD: A teacher at Lowood.

MRS. FAIRFAX: A kindly lady, aged 40s-60s. She is warm, but tends to babble. She carries a definite, though unintentional, sense of humor.

GRACE POOLE: A servant of dubious background.

* BLANCHE INGRAM: A fashionable young woman in her 20s. She is witty, clever, talented--and shrewd.

MRS. INGRAM: Blanche’s mother, equally clever and shrewd, and attractive in her own right.

* BERTHA MASON: A violently insane woman in her 30s-40s.


DR. LLOYD: The Reed’s physician.

MR. BROCKLEHURST: The unkind clergyman running Lowood School.

* EDWARD ROCHESTER: The Master of Thornfield Hall. He is a tortured, often cynical man, with many secrets. Should be about late 30s-40s.

MR. MASON: A man from Mr. Rochester’s past.

MR. BRIGGS: Mr. Mason’s solicitor.

* JOHN RIVERS: A young clergyman completely devoted to his work.


* YOUNG JANE EYRE: An orphan about 10 years old.

JAKE REED: The disagreeable son of Mrs. Reed, about 10-12 years old. This role may be played by a girl, who doubles as a Lowood girl.

* HELEN BURNS: A sickly student at Lowood, 10 to 14 years old.

ADELE VARENS: A French girl of about 10, ward of Mr. Rochester. (Doubles as a Lowood girl.)

LOWOOD GIRLS: Aged 7–13; these girls also appear in other small roles throughout the play

* Denotes a character who sings solos.






























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