Jane Eyre, the musical classic

Selected Video Clips

Lullaby: Bessie comforts young Jane Eyre.


A Place That's Better: Young Jane's friend, Helen, reminds her there are better things in life.

The Important Things in Life: Edward's guests ponder their situation in life and decide what's most important is...them.

Feel My Heart: The first feelings of attraction happen quickly for Edward & Jane.


Fortunes: An evening of festivities at Thornfield bring a mysterious gypsy woman.


Pretty, Pretty Light: Is there really a ghost roaming the halls of Thornfield? And who is setting mysterious fires?


Nearly Mine: Both Blanche and Jane are certain the other is the love of Rochester's life.


You Were With Me Then: Jane & Rochester declare their love.


She's Who I Am: Before his almost-wedding, Rochester declares he'll choose Jane - even if it's morally wrong.





























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